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JUSCO, urban infrastructure service provider <h1>JUSCO, India’s 1st Comprehensive Urban Infrastructure Services Company</h1>
Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) Power Service Division Integrated Township Management

General instruction for supplier registration form

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This form has to be filled by those suppliers desirous of registering themselves with JUSCO Limited. The registration will provide a email id and password.

This form is divided into five parts PART - I, PART - II, PART – III, PART – IV and PART – V. Since the form is long, supplier can save the document part-wise. The part wise information will remain valid for 7 days. Please ensure to complete the form before that. PART - V is for uploading the documents, so please keep soft copies ready for uploading the documents before starting to fill in PART - V.

Please note that it is the sole discretion of JUSCO Limited to accept or reject the application for registration and the same can be rejected without assigning any reason whatsoever.
If you have read the instructions and wish to register as a supplier of JUSCO Limited, please write your name and designation and click the proceed button.
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